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• Video recording for a max. Of 72 hrs
• Video tapes are bulky to store and time consuming to label and date
• Quality of taped images will degrade over time
• Searching through archived material is extremely time consuming and live footage cannot be monitored at the same time
• Requires a person to be present on-site if screens are to be monitored and/or tapes changed
• Can connect up to four cameras to each monitor; can only record footage from one camera at a time
• Initial expense does not usually include manpower costs
With increasing levels of vandalism, litigation, corporate espionage, theft and inappropriate behavior by employees, surveillance systems are now a necessity. However, they should not occupy your every thought. This is why Anjin equipment is the best choice for any security requirement. An ACI surveillance system is a cost effective, reliable and user-friendly system for customers.
• Recording time is virtually unlimited, governed only by the size of the storage available
• Footage is automatically labeled and dated and stored electronically or downloaded in a range of formats to CD, DVD, flash or other device
• Quality does not degrade
• Searching can be done quickly by date, time or sophisticated search algorithms such as movement tracking; can monitor live footage at the same time
• Can control the system from a remote location via secure connection over the Web; alarms can be sent by e-mail or to a mobile phone if specified activity is identified (e.g. movement)
• Can connect multiple cameras to the same system and record all at the same time
Although the initial outlay for analogue systems may be less, the initial expense of a digital system brings significant advantages in the longer run. Our table below compares the two systems.